Different job scopes for exhaust gas cleaning systems

Turbo-Technik just recently completed a modular installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) on the cruise vessel of a well-known cruise shipping company. The installation was performed during dry docking at Sembcorb Marine – Sembawang Shipyard.

Turbo-Technik staff was already well aware of the site and the procedures as the same installation was already performed on a sister vessel in March 2018 on Sembawang Shipyard.

The special feature of this job is the modular installation of the 4 scrubber towers. These 4 towers are divided in 2 towers per module – one module portside, one module starboard. Under supervision of Turbo-Technik staff the two modules are lifted and installed on the top deck and not inside the engine casing as usual. The job scope for Turbo-Technik was supervision, technical assistance and provision of expertise to Sembcorp Marine, acting on owners’ behalf.

During the same time a further voyage crew of Turbo-Technik performed an upgrade of the existing EGCS system on another cruise vessel. During docking the Turbo-Technik staff, up to 45 colleagues, conducted an upgrade of the existing DeSox scrubber towers and the exchange of the exhaust piping above the scrubber towers. These ducts were changed from carbon steel to duplex stainless steel with internal water traps and were prefabricated by Turbo-Technik on Grand Bahama Island. Additionally an electrical trace heating system has been mounted to the exhaust ducts to prevent condensation.

The installations were successfully performed in due time and Turbo-Technik can happily say that the cruise industry was made a little “greener”.