Your reliable 24/7
service provider

Since many years Turbo-Technik is your reliable and qualified partner
for the following market fields
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear power
  • District heating
  • Waste and biomass incineration
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Tank storage
  • Food and beverage industry

Turbo-Technik works for international plant manufacturers and is well recommended as contractor for plant erection, assembly of prefabricated components and contract manufacturer.

In 2011 Turbo-Technik was awarded the prestigous „Business Partner Prize“ by Hitachi Plant Technology Ltd., Japan; for excellent workmanship, project handling and co-operation. The President Mr Toshiaki Higashihara handed the prize over to Martin Dassler at the Tokyo headoffice.


What ever the project what ever the task.

Turbo-Technik offers a well trained in house engineering team. Our engineers are well experienced and up to date, we provide complete design, engineering services and turnkey solutions. Turbo-Techniks engineering team supports you throughout the whole lifecycle of the project by keeping the downtime and the project management costs to a minimum.

Reduce your project management costs with Turbo-Technik as a single point of contact for communicating with equipment providers, yards, engineering and class or flag societies. We have gained various competencies from projects around the world. Our permanent employees are well educated, trained and up to date about new regulations and systems.


We offer solutions tailored to your needs!

Procurement, prefabrication and delivery

Turbo-Technik offers a high level of competence in the market of power plant, pipeline and plant constructions.

A comprehensive planning of your project in consideration of applicable standards and regulations, as well as the documentation during construction are the basic aspects for a successful realization of your project.

We offer state-of-the-art measuring and analysis technology on site, by using 3-D Laser scanning. Through this we guarantee millimetre-accurate recordings of the existing facilities, without any costly scaffolding constructions.

Our project-related planning services contain:

  • Balance of plant, pipeline planning, isometric- and detail engineering
  • Preparation of “preliminary examination documents” and “test and inspection sequences plans”
  • Static and dynamic component calculation 
  • Dimensioning/design and construction of piping systems
  • computer-aided documentation and AS built processing

Turbo-Technik can manufacture in its workshops, with or without an assembly order, compact units (so-called skids), special fittings or pressure vessels, pressure components, heat exchangers, apparatus and general steel structures.

System installation and commissioning

Our product portfolio in the industry sector extends in particular to any range of requirements for pipe and tanks, for all important pressures, temperatures and fluids. From small inspections up to maintenance work, Turbo-Technik aims to fulfilling its customers’ ever increasing demands.

Our experienced repair teams implement their service to the satisfaction of the customer with strict compliance of quality regulations and in time guarantee. 


  • 24/7 troubleshooting on case of plant damage
  • Complete and partial assembly of skids and plants
  • Delivery and installation of complete piping systems
  • Repair-, maintenance and shutdown work
  • Supply of piping material, pipe supports and accessories
  • Prefabrication of piping material, pressure bearing parts, cast fittings, tanks and plants
  • Heat treatments according to the requirements of the basic material.
  • highly qualified expert personnel, TÜV proved welders, IWE/ IWT /IWS
  • Documentation and quality management

Quality control and documentation

We keep convincing our clients with great results.

Turbo-Technik complies with these principles through excellence, quality and competitiveness in the area of high quality employees. We measure ourselves by the satisfaction of our customers and business partners.
To ensure the quality of our work we use our own expert welding engineers and welding specialists.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified QM System
  • Consulting, implementation, executing and evaluating non-destructive material tests trough visual examination (VT), radiographic texting (RT), ultrasound test (UT), surface crack testing (PT/MT) and material analysis
  • Implementing and execution of gas and water pressure test
  • Supply of welding supervisor
  • Decades of long experience in Germany and world-wide

Service, repair and maintenance

With decades of experience in power plant and plant engineering, Turbo-Technik is a competent partner for provider and service companies. We offer our customers individual solutions for individual problems and as a complete package, from engineering to delivery and installation of system components.

Customers rely on our knowledge and our flexibility. Throughout Germany and beyond, we are in daily service with our service teams as part of service and maintenance contracts.

Unscheduled repairs cannot be avoided despite careful maintenance of plants. High temperatures and extreme operating conditions always provide cause unforeseeable damages and expensive downtimes and business interruptions. 

The principal factor time is the relevant risk parameter. We guarantee our customers a 24/7 service in whole Germany with an individual adapted reaction time. Our “mobile workshops” ensure us to be wherever needed on short notice.