EGCS retrofit on cruise vessel

The next vessel got recently equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system. Turbo-Technik installed two scrubbers as well a new high-grade steel exhaust ducts, which were previously produced by Turbo-Technik.

The vessel ran dry on the Grand Bahama Shipyard dry dock no. 3. Turbo-Technik already previously sent teams on board the vessel and to the shipyard respectively to perform preparatory works and to have the operations ready to start when running dry. With 24/7 day and night shifts the Turbo-Technik staff removed the old exhaust ducts, installed two scrubbers, self-manufactured duplex steel exhaust ducts, new gratings and new pipe systems.

With a well planned project management and good teamwork Turbo-Technik was able to finish this job in due time and to have the vessel ready to sail on the oceans with environmental technology.