Chimney renewal gas turbine power plant Audorf

Already last year, Turbo-Technik was commissioned by the energy producer, Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH, with the planning, manufacture, dismantling, assembly and commissioning of the chimney and silencer replacement at the Audorf gas turbine power plant.

After successful prefabrication of the chimney sections, which are a good 20m long and 3.5m wide, dismantling of the existing chimneys and the silencer sections began in May of this year.

In June, the assembly of the new chimneys and silencers including all ancillary services, such as preservation, insulation and the installation of a lightning protection system was carried out by the well-coordinated repair team of Turbo-Technik.

We are pleased with the professional and timely completion of the project and wish the operator every success in the further operation of his repaired power plant.