Commercial ships

We keep your ship going 24/7

Many different ship types are being served, ranging from crude oil-, chemical products,  gas tankers and container ships, offshore units, Rotors, bulk- and car carriers as well as passenger ships and luxury yachts. 

We can repair or convert vessels, prefabricate modules and repair and overhaul machinery and spare parts.

The various skills include among others all kind of shipbuilding, machinery-, boiler-, turbine-, pipework, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Furthermore numerous international marine machinery manufacturers have appointed Turbo-Technik because of its after-sales service and spare-parts supply.

Many local and international shipyards assign Turbo-Technik as their preferred supplier and reliable partner for sophisticated ship repairs and conversion projects. In addition, Turbo-technik is known as a well experienced and efficient company for world-wide travel repairs in the international shipping industry.

Why to choose Turbo-Technik?

Reduce your project management costs with Turbo-Technik as a single point of contact for communicating with equipment providers, yards, engineering and class or flag societies.

We have gained various competencies from projects around the world. Our permanent employees are well-trained and up to date about new regulations and systems.

Our strengths:

  • Long lasting experience since 1967
  • Great expertise from well trained employers
  •  24/ 7 on call for world-wide ship repairs and service
  •  Turbo-Technik is your single point of contact, we take care of your problem
  •  Close contact to equipment providers, yards, engineering and class or flag societies
  •  Highest quality and safety requirement